Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute
The Mission of SVAI shall be to regulate acceptable professional appraisal standards and have all members adhere to a Code of Conduct of Appraisers involved in and writing evaluations on Specialty Vehicles.
Membership Applications are for individuals and are not a blanket application for companies.

There is a non-refundable annual fee of $225.00 that must accompany Membership Application.

INSTRUCTIONS: To renew your membership to the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute please:

• Complete the appropriate online form in full.  All areas are required.

• Once you hit Submit an email will be sent to you and the SVAI with the information.

• You will also be directed to a PAYMENT page.

• Choose PayPal, EMT or CHEQUE and follow the prompts

PLEASE NOTE: Your payment will verify the forms content and will be considered consent from you to join the SVAI. 

You hereby certify that the information contained in these online forms are correct and may be verified by the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute and its duly appointed committee.