Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute
The Mission of SVAI shall be to regulate acceptable professional appraisal standards and have all members adhere to a Code of Conduct of Appraisers involved in and writing evaluations on Specialty Vehicles.
The Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta (also known as SVAI) is a non-profit association of specialty vehicle and collector vehicle appraisers who have joined together with the purpose of improving the level of professionalism within the industry.  In collaboration with fellow appraisers, hobbyists and collectors and the insurance industry the association as developed best practices, code of ethics, inspection and report standards that all members are expected to adhere to.  We have also published guidelines to assist new and experienced appraisers.  The goal is to improve the quality and accuracy of appraisal reports primarily for owners and insurance companies but also upon occasion, courts and various legal forums. 

New members can join SVAI by forwarding the appropriate fee (currently $225.00) along with filling out the application sheet on the SVAI website, to the treasurer.

A member can choose to go through our accreditation process.  We do not have the resources for a formal training program but offer a self-guided approach that requires reading the training manual, submitting a sample appraisal report and passing a knowledge test based on the training manual.  The sample appraisal report is reviewed by peers to determine whether or not the report content meets or exceeds our best practices.  For more information please go to the Accreditation tab on our website.  Becoming accredited confirms to all that your appraisal reports and methodology meets our best practices.

When new member payment and application sheet is received by the treasurer, the treasurer notifies the SVAI executive of the payment.  When notified, the secretary assigns the next consecutive member number and updates the membership lists and sends the updated list out to all executive.  (President, V. President, Secretary, Treasurer and Accreditation Chair.)  The secretary will update the members list on the web site, or have the web site manager assist with this task.  The new member is designated as an associate member. 

SVAI secretary sends out the appropriate information to the new member

Updated membership list

SVAI website password for members section access to web site.

SVAI current training manual

Note that the current training manual consists of mandatory requirements for report writing and includes our Code of Ethics for SVAI appraisers

SVAI logo

Information on how to become accredited (see also the accreditation tab on our website)

Information on how to purchase the guidelines manual (For $50.00) and accreditation manual (for $50.00.)

The Guidelines manual includes many examples and relevant information for appraising collector and specialty vehicles.  This includes guidance on valuations, condition ratings, report formats, types of appraisals and legal implications.  The information supplied is hopefully helpful but not mandatory for appraisers to use.  New appraisers in particular would find this manual very useful.

The accreditation manual includes a knowledge test and information relating to becoming accredited within SVAI.