Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute
The Mission of SVAI shall be to regulate acceptable professional appraisal standards and have all members adhere to a Code of Conduct of Appraisers involved in and writing evaluations on Specialty Vehicles.
SVAI Member will honour and uphold the following:

1.  Conduct ones self in a professional and courteous manner and one that does not bring disrespect to the institute.

2.  Approach each appraisal assignment they accept without prejudice or favouritism towards any of the parties involved, including the client or a representative third party, or towards the particular class or style of specialty vehicle involved.

3.  Must not engage in any activities connected with the appraisal of a vehicle that are or may be perceived by a member of the general public as a conflict of interest.

4.  Personally inspect a subject vehicle and be satisfied with the condition and presentation of that vehicle prior to completing the report and establishing a value.

5.  Will not advertise or solicit in a manner that is false, misleading or that exaggerates ones standing as a member of the SVAI. Disclose to client if completing an appraisal on a vehicle outside ones expertise, and if one was to accept the assignment, consult with appropriate experts to complete the report.

6.  Charge a fair fee that is based on the effort required to properly conduct an appraisal.

7.  Protect the confidential nature of the appraiser/client relationship and comply with all confidentiality and information privacy laws.

8.  Maintain and demonstrate respect for fellow members and those involved or connected with the appraisal profession.

9.  Abide by the "Best Practices" and "Standards" set forth by the SVAI regarding content of appraisal reports and the manner that an appraisal  is conducted, researched and reported.

10.  Report any legal action taken by or against oneself regarding specialty appraisal reports one has prepared or are asked to make.

11.  Report any violation of this Code of Ethics to the duly appointed Member of the SVAI.

12.  Keep up to date on current market trends and conditions and continue to educate themselves in specialty vehicles for as long as they are an accredited members of the SVAI.